Youth For Climate Turkey & Fridays For Future International Climate Activist

Atlas Sarrafoğlu is a 15 year old, 9th grade student and a climate activist from Turkey. He founded Fridays For Future in Turkey . He attended COP25 in Madrid as a Turkish youth delegate and took part in the meetings. Received the 2020 WWF Global Youth Award for his determination and hard work on mobilising youth. He has appeared in more than 100 panels and discussions eg.the opening and closing program of the EU Climate Diplomacy week 2019, the opening program of the 16th Istanbul Biennial, and prepared the WWF One World podcast series on The World Overshoot Day. He was a speaker for the  “Wake Up Call” at the United Nations Biodiversity Summit. 

In the end of 2020, he attended MockCOP26 which was designed to show the world leaders that these important meetings could be held online instead of cancelling. Currently he is actively coordinating and organising in Youth for Climate Turkey and is taking an active role in the global climate campaigns. He publishes his interviews with climate activists from different countries in his column named “Climate Generation Talks” in Yeşil Gazete. He is also producing and presenting his program on Açık Radio every Friday and has his column “No Planet B” writing about the climate crisis in GQ magazine. 
Had the role of representing the young activists at the Global Climate Action Forum Talk by World Forum for Democracy. He is also working with the Saving Tuvalu team working towards supporting the nation in their way through the climate crisis by calling leaders to action.

Atlas Sarrafoğlu

Community Panel

16 November 2022 (15:45 - 17:00)

IzQ Inovation Center