Sectoral and Environmental Sustainability Specialist

Ferdi Akarsu has been working in the field of environmental and sectoral sustainability in many national and international non-governmental organizations, private sector and public institutions for many years. Akarsu, who is also a board member of the International Sustainable Tourism Association and the Izmir Sustainable Urban Development Network, also takes part in various commissions of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). Akarsu is an ornithologist who specializes in birds, working on endangered species and threatened natural areas, as well as sustainability studies in international organizations such as UNDP and FAO. Akarsu, whose articles have been published in Turna’s book, Atlas Magazine and many other popular magazines, has also been writing for a long time in Hürriyet Newspaper and Hürriyet Seyahat. Akarsu addresses the issue of sustainability and global warming with the book “Green – Sustainable Life and Climate” published in 2020. It is Akarsu’s greatest passion, together with birds, to research methods for sustainability in people’s daily activities, urban practices and sectoral productions, and to bring people closer to nature and nature to people in this way.

Moderator : Ferdi Akarsu

Sustainability Panel

16 November 2022 (11:00 - 12:30)

IzQ Inovation Center