Corporate Affairs Director of Coca-Cola İçecek

Servet Yıldırım has joined CCI as Group Corporate Affairs Director as of September 2018. He started his career at İşbank and worked in Economic Research and Treasury Departments. In 1989, Servet joined Reuters News Agency. During his tenure, he also assumed managerial roles and managed the Turkish branch. Moving to Turkey’s most influential finance/business channel CNBC-e, Servet assumed News Director and Editor-in Chief roles at the channel over the course of seven years. In 2011, Servet assumed the position of Group President of Economics branch of Doğuş Media Group. At the same time, he continued to anchor various financial shows aired on CNBC-e. During his career in the media sector, Servet wrote several columns on finance and Turkish economy in newspapers like Yeni Binyıl, Sabah, Referans and Radikal. Before joining CCI, Servet was a columnist at one of Turkey’s most selling newspaper Milliyet and commentator on NTV Para program on Turkey’s leading news channel NTV. He has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the Middle East Technical University.

Servet Yıldırım

Sustainability Panel

16 November 2022 (11:00 - 12:30)

IzQ Inovation Center